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  1. Lee Tomlinson

    Dear Dr. Campbell,
    I just had the pleasure of reading your “Lessons Learned By Wearing a Gown” on KevinMD. It was excellent. I have no doubt that the experience left you even more empathetic and compassionate than you obviously were before your illness. If only more medical professionals had an opportunity to become a patient, before they begin to treat them, I am sure that our medical system would be significantly more compassionate that it is now. I am also thrilled for you that you experienced highly compassionate “care”, versus the opposite, during your medical challenge. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 throat cancer that had spread to several lymph nodes. I completed my treatment a year ago and currently have no evidence of disease. Whoohooo. It was the toughest challenge of my life by far and I am still overcoming the many side-effects on my way to a full recovery. Fortunately I too experienced mostly beautiful, sensitive “care” during my many chemo and radiation treatments. But, sadly I also experienced care, or its lack, that was so astoundingly insensitive, inhuman, disrespectful and hurtful that as a result I was driven into a deep depression, despair and thoughts of suicide. To try to help raise awareness of the necessity to provide humane patient care, I have begun to share my positive and negative experiences as a patient with healthcare providers nationally. Recently I had the privilege and honor to deliver a Keynote address at the Leadership Retreat for the Suburban/Johns Hopkins Hospital on the enormous impact of sensitive care or its lack on patient outcomes. The goal outlined for me was to get the doctors, nurses and department head administrators back in touch with their original purpose for getting into medicine, that being to help others, and to inspire them to provide their very best care for 100% of their patients, 100% of the time. Given the overwhelmingly positive response and invitations for additional keynotes elsewhere, I seem to have struck a nerve and succeeded at that. In addition to speaking, I am also writing a book that contains stories provided by patients, families, friends and healthcare providers that detail acts of kindness they experienced that made them feel “cared for and cared about”. The goal being to demonstrate to healthcare professionals that expressions of compassion are more often than not, small acts of loving kindness and not long, time consuming exercises. You mentioned several times in your piece about the great care you received. I am wondering if you might be willing to share examples of the things that people did for you that you now define as great care and how it made you feel in the moment? I look forward to your reply and reading more of your thoughts now that I have signed on to follow your writing on your website. Thank you for caring and treating your patients with the best of both your brain and heart.

    • Dear Mr Tomlinson,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to not only read my blog but to also post your very thoughtful comments. I personally appreciate your very kind words. I applaud you and your work–it is essential that both patients and physicians work TOGETHER to improve care and work to make adjustments when we fall short. I think that having patients like yourself speak to physicians and other caregivers can be incredibly powerful.

      As you know, whether you speak to a large group, blog or appear on national television, you open yourself up to scrutiny and criticism. I very much appreciate you taking the time to leave positive commentary. Patients like you continue to both amaze and inspire me to continue to work to improve healthcare and healthcare delivery in the US today.

      Best regards,

  2. Dr.Cambell…are there any opportunities for using stem cells for knee replacements? I just saw a report from England where a doctor used stem cells and 3d printer for a hip replacement. I’m in LA, 58, with a shredded knee but not ready to have it shaved down for metal hardware to replace it. Any advise or direction you can point me to?

    • At this point, the best source for knee replacements remains mechanical. I am sure that many of the well respected academic centers in California such as UCLA, Cedars, USC, UCSD, etc are likely to have orthopedic divisions that are actively pursing research interests in the area of knee and joint replacements. My advice would be to inquire at several of your California based university hospitals and see if there are protocols or clinical trails available for participation.
      Best of luck

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