Wake Up Call to Congress: It’s Time To Deliver on Healthcare, For my Patients, and For my Child….

Kevin R. Campbell, MD, FACC

CEO, K-Roc Consulting LLC

I am a physician and a father of a child with a chronic disease. I practice in rural North Carolina and many of my patients cannot afford the care that they need. Most do not have adequate access to preventative services and many must choose between purchasing medicines or purchasing food. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made little difference in the lives of my patients—I have seen no improvement in coverage or in their ability to afford care. My child is 16 years old and has had type one diabetes since age 5.  My child is dependent upon insulin, an insulin pump and numerous diabetes supplies—totaling thousands of dollars every month—for life.

What happens to my child when I am gone? How will my diabetic child be insured and cared for?

Throughout the election of 2016, Republican candidates (at all levels) made promises about healthcare. Most Conservatives agree (and some Democrats will admit) that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) must be significantly amended in order to provide high quality, easily accessible, affordable healthcare to all Americans. In the last year, multiple insurers have pulled out of the exchange markets and premiums are rising in most states. Many of those who are “newly-insured” are insured only on paper—most have little or no access and many have very limited choices.

President Trump and the Republicans in Congress vowed to make healthcare reform a priority and promised new legislation within the First 100 Days. However, infighting within the Party as well as political posturing by Democrats have resulted in little or no progress. The first Republican proposal—due to major disagreements among legislators—was never even brought to a vote. Now, a new draft proposal–known as the McArthur amendment to the American Health Care Act–has been released. And I thought healthcare could not get worse…..

In the latest iteration, the act would provide for essential healthcare benefits from the ACA and would mandate coverage of pre existing conditions. However—it would also allow the States to apply for exemptions—effectively allowing States to take these provisions away. This would leave millions without care.

As a physician, it is vital that I am able to care for my patients. People must be given access and choice when it comes to healthcare. The ACA, nor the American HealthCare Act with the McCarthy amendment will accomplish these goals. Obamacare will eventually become non viable. Congress must find a real solution—whether we repeal and replace or amend the current act is immaterial to me.

While I am NOT a supporter of the ACA, there are a few key components that make a great deal of sense and, in my opinion, MUST be part of any new healthcare bill:

  1. We MUST cover Americans with pre-existing conditions. We cannot allow insurers to charge those with chronic disease higher premiums and effectively “price them out of the market”. My child has type 1 diabetes—an inherited disease—why should my child suffer due to an inability to afford insurance later in life? She did nothing to deserve the diagnosis and works diligently every day to control her blood sugars and effectively manage her disease.
  1. We MUST allow those 26 and under to remain on their parents insurance plans. This will allow these young people to continue to fund and education and begin a career. Why should we ask for young, healthy young adults to foot the bill for elderly, sick Americans when they are trying to build their professional lives through education and hard work?

In addition, I believe that any viable healthcare replacement bill must also include the following provisions:

  1. We MUST allow insurers to compete across state lines. Free market competition is likely to improve the quality of service and will lower costs. There is no reason why choices should be limited in a particular state simply because there is only one or two insurers operating in that location.
  1. We MUST allow Americans to purchase pharmaceuticals abroad. Currently, the US bears nearly all of the cost of research and development for the world. Our drug prices are significantly higher than in any other developed nation. There must be consequences for predatory pricing by pharmaceuticals and CEOs such as Heather Bresch of Mylan and Martin Shkreli must be held accountable for their actions

Its Time For Members of Congress To Make Good On Their Promises…..

Speaker Ryan and the House Republicans need to compromise within their own Party now or they will suffer the consequences in the midterm elections. The childish bickering between the Tea Party, Freedom Caucus and the rank and file Conservatives must end. The Democrats need to begin to come up with viable solutions to the healthcare crisis as well. Its time to stop hanging on to the “Camelot” vision of Obama’s signature legislation and get to work. Neither party is without blame.

To those in Congress, I say it is time to ACT. Think of those that are suffering with curable and treatable illnesses that have no access to care. Think of my child—think of your own children—and work to put together a sustainable healthcare plan for generations to come.


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