Getting Successful with Social: Tips to Build a Digital Following

Social Media and the digital space is ubiquitous in today’s society. As consumers of media, we are constantly flooded with data—how can we best handle the influx of information, process it and engage others? Here are some of my TIPS for building a powerful digital following!

Social Media use among millennials is widespread and continues to grow. Believe it or not, the older Gen X-er’s and Baby Boomers are also jumping on board—IN fact the fastest growing demographic on twitter is the 55-65 year old set.

The widespread use of social media across generations provides us all with an enormous opportunity to engage with others and make a significant impact.

As a media personality and a physician, I use social media and the digital space in many different capacities—

–To Teach

–To Market

–To Brand

–To Engage

–To Collaborate

–To Become a KOL (Key Opinion Leader)

I believe that all digital users—regardless of background, goals and target audience should also be focusing on each of these areas.

Here are some key tips for success:

  1. KNOW your audience. Find out what they want and who they are. Understand what is important the THEM—remember it is “all about them, not all about YOU”
  2. Provide relevant, timely content. Consistently update your profile and always respond to inquiries and current events
  3. Engage in conversation with other Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) –follow them and respond to their content
  4. Create a buzz—Give your audience a reason to consistently come back to your social platforms and ultimately broaden your reach.

And don’t forget to Use technology to target your audience. My friends at MDDigital Life have developed amazing software that can actually “map” your digital reach. By examining the way in which you are connected you can better reach out to those you want to influence and engage. Just as in medicine, data provides you with the ability to develop a successful strategy. Here is my Twitter reach below.


Check out to see how this map was created and how you can better engage your connections today!








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