Dr Kevin Campbell MD: Who I am and What I am about

Comprehensive Mission Statement:

Who Am I?

I am a Cardiologist and Cardiac Electophysiologist committed to the treatment and prevention of sudden cardiac death in the US.  I am particularly interested in providing advanced therapies to the underserved—particularly women and minorities.

I am a Physician Executive and I understand the challenges of practicing medicine in today’s economic environment.  I work to assist physicians-in-training, emerging physicians, and established practices with transition to practice and practice development

What motivates me? (why do I do what I do?)

My wife Deborah and I were blessed with the birth of a daughter, Rebecca, in March 2001.  At age 5 my beautiful Rebecca was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus—this puts her at increased risk for suffering multiple cardiovascular diseases and complications throughout her life.  After my daughter’s diagnosis my life was turned upside down.   I began a crusade to improve cardiovascular health and access to advanced therapies in women in the US.

Physicians and physician practices need the freedom to focus on patient care.  By helping with practice development and practice economics, I can help to train Physician Executives that ultimately improve efficiency and quality of care

My mission

I strive to provide Excellent and Compassionate care to my Patients and Provide Efficient and Timely Service to my Referring Physicians.  Through education of healthcare professionals, patients and industry partners, I hope to raise awareness of CV disease and subsequent risk of sudden cardiac death in women.   I work to ensure that all “under-treated and underserved” patients have the same access to care afforded to the majority.  Through consultation with physicians and careful market analysis of physician practices I strive to improve the delivery of CV care by preparing these groups for the challenges of current medical economics.  I provide the “tools for success” so that the physician can then focus on the patient.

2 responses to “Dr Kevin Campbell MD: Who I am and What I am about

  1. All the best to you and your family, Dr. Campbell. Let’s hope Obama doesn’t destroy the best medical system in the world. I enjoyed your segment on Fox News.

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments. Many thanks for watching the segment on Fox! We all must continue to provide the very best care we can for our patients in spite of poor government decisions and lack of effective leadership

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